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By Education Team | 12 July 2021

Why Take a GED Practice Test and How to Take a GED Test Online


Before taking the official GED, you should probably take a GED practice test online so you can understand where you’re at long before you sweat out the test. But where do you find GED practice tests, and is it possible to take a free GED practice test online?

How do you find a free GED practice test?

You can find a shortened free GED practice test at the official website of the GED organization. This version if only a quarter of the length of the real exam. Need more practice? 4Tests and Test-Guide features even more practice tests and questions.

How else can you prepare aside from GED practice tests?

Need more help aside from GED practice tests? Try taking a GED class. A GED class can give you the individual attention and help you need to meet your study goals. For those in need of flexible GED class options, online GED classes are now widely available. gives a list of test prep providers as well as organizations that offer distance learning options.

Are you willing to pay a bit more for GED prep?

For those who don’t mind spending a bit more for focused GED help, there are also study programs and paid classes. The official GED organization offers a program for $40. When choosing where to get test prep help, be cautious, as some may be trying to take advantage since the market for the GED has grown significantly in the last few years.