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By Consumer Team | 22 Aug. 2017

Which Car Should You Buy For Your Family: Minivan Vs. SUV


The biggest issue many families face every year is that they outgrow their existing car, requiring additional room to accommodate their family. Such a situation arises either if size of the family has grown, or because the family requires more space to fit in their luggage for family trips. Irrespective of what the cause of the problem is, both minivans and SUVs serve as good choices for families to select from as a new car.

But, making a choice between these vehicles can prove to be a tough task for families. Which of these can be attested to be among the safest cars? Is a 7 passenger SUV more cost-effective? Instead of letting all these questions bother you, take a look at the pros and cons of minivans and SUVs, so you can decide.



Family-friendly Design - A huge plus point in buying a minivan for the family is that the design and style of a minivan is child-friendly. Generally, the doors come with features that make it simple and safe for parents to close and open them. Moreover, the heights of minivans are usually a bit lower than that of SUVs, which enables children to easily climb into and out of the vehicle.

Customization Options - Minivans can be easily customized, which allows to you add various features such as screens and DVD player so that the children can be kept occupied all through the drive.

Commodious Space - Families need a lot of cargo space, and minivans usually offer more space. Having a large cargo space would be helpful for those families who need to accommodate baby equipment like a stroller when traveling.


Aesthetic Issues - One of the major flaws in minivans can be ascribed to their aesthetics. There are many who opine that the style of a minivan is way lesser impressive than an SUV. No matter how innovative manufacturers get with the designs, people cannot view this vehicle as anything better than a car that carts children to various places.



Sportier Vehicle - Several different models give voice to the fact that an SUV is way sportier when compared to a minivan. The ability of an SUV to endure the rough terrain is remarkable, and minivans come nowhere near such durability. Moreover, an SUV has higher seats in comparison to a minivan, which is preferred by many people. Space – More and more SUVs are getting equipped with flexible seating and storage options. Families can sort through customizable options.


Too Tall - SUVs are not as child-friendly as minivans. Higher seats make it tough for children to climb, making it necessary for an adult to assist them while getting in and getting out of the vehicle.

Less Cargo Space - Another problem with SUVs in general is that they come with limited cargo space, especially when compared to minivans.

Now that the pros and cons of both the vehicles are before you, finally it all boils down to your personal choice. But it would be wise of you to compare as well as contrast all the features in both these vehicles before you jump to any conclusion. Don’t forget to test drive as it will help you get a reality check, which is important as you will be investing your hard-earned money into buying you next family car.