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By Consumer Team | 25 Mar. 2022

Using Google Photos & Using Google Backup

using google photos and using google backup

It’s never been easier to take pictures of your kids, your pets, or your beautiful surroundings. Right now, you probably have hundreds or even thousands of pictures on your phone or another electronic device. Making sure you don’t lose those precious pictures and can find them to print or show friends is simple when you take advantage of the benefits of Google pictures backup.

Google Cloud Storage and Backup

organizing google pictures backup

A couple of the best features of Google photos is the ability to use Google backup and cloud storage to make sure you always have access to your pictures. You can even download a web-based version of Google photos on your PC or Mac if you prefer working on a computer instead of using your phone. When using the cloud storage, you can preview the photos you have stored there instead of using up memory on phone and slowing down productivity. Google backup will store a compressed version of the photo, usually 16MP and videos will be resized and stored high-definition 1080p. If you prefer to keep the exact original size of all your photos and videos, you have that option if you go to settings.

Deleting Your Pictures on Google

Although you might be tempted to keep every single photo you’ve ever taken since it is stored using free backup storage, it’s easier to find photos on your phone if you weed out the bad. While previewing the pictures on your Google backup, if you find a photo that’s blurry or duplicate pictures, just hold your finger on the photo until you see an X and then tap on the X to delete. Deleting photos you don’t need will make it easier to search through albums on your cloud storage when you’re ready to print.

Organizing Google Pictures Backup

If you are worried about Google backup using data when you’re not in Wi-fi, just go to settings and make sure the app only uploads your photos and videos when you are logged into a Wi-fi area. Since you have access to your cloud storage all the time, you can scroll through pictures and organize them whenever you’re bored, waiting for an appointment, or hanging out with friends.

Create folders for events, special destinations, or family. While looking at your photos on your backup cloud storage, you will also see the date the pictures were taken. If you turn on the location setting, Google photos will also identify where the pictures were taken. Take advantage of all the options available with Google pictures backup to keep your photos in easy to identify albums sorted by year.

Sharing Your Photos on Google

When taking pictures of the kids or pets, you might want to automatically share the photos with your partner or parents. Instead of trying to find photos on your phone, you can add a partner account on the app. Once you have added that person’s account information, you can quickly and easily share photos of trips, parties, and family events.

The printing option offered with Google pictures backup is also a great option when you need a gift. You can quickly create a book with your pets or kids and order it online to be shipped to you or a family member. There are usually excellent deals using the photos on your Google backup cloud storage, so print those memories and make someone’s day.

“How Do I Find Photos on My Phone?!” – Finding Your Photos on Google

Whether you use an Apple or an Android phone, you can quickly download the free app for Google photos and locate all of the photos on your device. Once you have downloaded the app, at the bottom of your phone screen, tap on Albums and take a look at your pictures. You can keep the photos in the same album or create new albums to sort and organize your pictures to make them easier to find.

Free Backup Storage – Understanding Google Backup

find my photos on my phone

Another advantage of free backup storage is never worrying about running out of space. If you’re trying to capture the precise moment your child takes her first steps, you might go through a hundred photos or a lengthy video. You can either delete some of the photos or upload to your cloud storage and share with family friends while keeping the memories to look at later.

If you already save your photos to an external hard drive or maybe you pay for a storage plan online, you might wonder if you really need Google backup. One of the best reasons to use free backup storage is saving your memories in the event of a disaster. If you are only backing up on a hard drive, if something happens to that drive, your memories are lost. Backup cloud storage gives you the option to save your photos and videos where they will never be lost. If you pay for cloud storage, it never hurts to have your photos in more than one location. It’s easy to find photos on your phone and make sure they are safely stored on Google backup.

Google pictures backup is an excellent option to organize, store, and share photos. Instead of panicking at your child’s graduation because you don’t have enough memory left on your phone to take pictures, use Google’s free backup storage to preserve memories for a lifetime.

Interested in More Advanced Cloud Storage and Backup Capabilities?

advanced cloud storage and backup

If your storage needs go beyond just family photos, you may be interested in more advanced cloud storage and backup services. These level of services are often used by businesses to store sensitive information and large bodies of data. Though some lower tiers of services exist as free backup storage solutions, but most of the time, businesses require paid, enterprise solutions that go beyond what Google online backup and storage can provide.