By Team Lifestyle | 11 May 2022

Top non-harmful activities for the elderly persons in their 70s


A lot of people’s ideology is that at 70, after retirement, all that is left to do is to sit and rest till they die. Another part of people is afraid of doing anything because of their fragile bodies and lack of strength.

According to scientific research, in your 70s, you should expect a susceptible change in your brain, heart, skin, metabolism, muscles, sleep, immune system, digestive system, urinary tract, sexuality, vision, sexuality, and motion. The bearing of this list depends on a person’s body.

From this list, we are aware of all the things that happen in a human body in their 70s, but we are also assured that there is more you can do regardless of these changes. From our group of experts, we are able to create a list of things that are non-harmful to the older generations.

Non-harmful activities for Elderly People

1. Go to a Cinema

There’s no harm in watching movies outside your home. You can pick out a movie online and purchase the ticket online. There is always this new feeling whenever a new movie is watched at a cinema. Get yourself up and watch any movie of your choice.

Alternatively, you can watch the movie in your house depending on whether you have something obstructing you from moving freely. A recommendable tip, do not sadly watch it alone; invite your friends and family, not crowd, though.

2. Try out new things

A day that goes by is just a day closer to our death day. This should not be a sad thing. Since you are weaker than your younger self, you can try out things that you haven’t done before. For example, try a new restaurant. Have you ever tried an Italian restaurant before?

Ensure that what you are trying out does not harm your health which is of paramount importance.

3. Seek new relationships

Whether it is friendship, family relation, or lovers relationship, be open to it. Let no negative thoughts let you think otherwise. Make new friends start dating if the situation requires it.

4. Start a group exercise class.

A weak bone can grow weaker if some things are not implemented to neutralize the growth. Being in your 70s should make you sit around all day; you can start a group exercise or join a group exercise. Group exercises such as yoga, tai chi, brisk walking, etc. They are healthy to do and recommendable for older adults.

5. Join a Club

Clubs are a fun way of interacting with people and being yourself. These clubs should be able to reflect your inner self, skill, or talent. You can start your club or join an existing club. Examples of these clubs are book clubs, gardening clubs, social clubs, volunteer groups, etc.

6. Reflect on one’s life journey

There is no more perfect time to reflect on the beautiful journey you had in life. You can reflect on the positive and negative parts of it because it is all usual. You can go as far as documenting your life journey in paper, notepad, or a book. Whichever option is excellent.

7. Finalizing Your Life Journey

In your hope to live your remaining days in bliss, make final preparations on your properties, assets, or funds. This is one thing which is commonly neglected, but it is rather very important. Preparing your owned properties might be the best decision in your life.

By doing this, you are making the world a better place for your loved ones. Therefore, make that will or trust fund today!

8. Share your knowledge

In your 70s, you have most probably seen a lot of things which the younger generations have never seen but heard, or read. Share this knowledge by teaching or lecturing, or it could be in the simple way of telling a tale.

It doesn’t need to be in the aspect of history; if you have a niche for teaching, you go for it. Join lecture students or join Ed classes. This also makes you mentally engage by putting the brain into little tests here and there.

9. Art Classes

Art is a beautiful way to test the human mind, the creative side as well as the imaginary side. Visit art exhibitions; you can go with a friend or more loved ones. Adore the beautiful arts displayed and test your imaginary skill.

10. Travelling & Trips

Travelling and going on a trip depends on your health. If your doctor does not recommend travelling or taking a trip, skip this activity.

If you do not fall into such category, take a field trip or excursion or travel to see the world. The best time to see the world is now.

11. Shopping

No one says you cannot go shopping in your 70s! Go to the most classic boutique or shop and purchase the best clothes for you. Let it be within your budget. This is why it is important to have retirement savings for times like this. In your 70s, you should take control of your life wholly.

12. Self Care

Treat yourself right. You can go out and get yourself treated. A spa won’t hurt, or getting a new haircut in a salon. You can go ahead with any of this self-care treatment.

In your 70s, there are a lot of activities that you can do to make your old age the best time of your life. Nothing should hinder you from living at any stage of your life.

Follow the twelve non-harmful activities and do not neglect your health conditions as well. Regularly check yourself and live a healthy life in your old age. I hope this article helps you see what more you can do in your old age.