By Consumer Team | 26 July 2022

The Best Travel Adapters

Travel Adapters

You know the hassle and cost of last-minute purchasing if you’ve ever had to scramble at the airport to buy a travel adaptor or, worse yet, felt a jolt of panic on the flight when you discovered you hadn’t brought one.

Thinking ahead and purchasing a few power adapters before your trip will help you save money. Once you have them, you may store them in your luggage or backpack and ensure that you never again find yourself in a predicament.

Top 5 Travel Adapters

It is essential to have access to electricity while traveling. However, there was never a plan to standardize the many types of plugs and sockets used in different nations around the world.

In order for it to function with your device, you need an adapter. There are many different types of adapters available on the market, which may leave you unsure on how to make the best choice. Here are your top 5 choices for travel adapters.

Epicka Universal Travel Adapter

This inexpensive converter from Epicka will work for the majority of users and is capable of operating in more than 150 nations. The three most popular international plugs—EU, UK, and the US—are revealed by sliders you push, and you may swivel the pins to fit sockets in Australia or China.

Its universal design enables a wide range of plug choices. Its front has four USB ports that enable for simultaneous charging of five devices. In order to provide speedier charging for tablets, cameras, and phones, the first pair of USB ports charges at 2.4A, while the other two ports only charge at 2.1A, making them more suitable for phones.

This travel adapter fits in almost any bag, unlike other models that have a power strip design.


  • Numerous charging ports.
  • Minimalistic and light-weight
  • Affordable


  • Not meant for powerful appliances.

Skross World Travel Adapter MUV USB

We chose Skross’ MUV USB adapter for our round-up since it is one of the most well-known and reliable brands in the travel adapter industry.

It fits the “two-pin” American socket, but it also works with those in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the United Kingdom. If you buy something while traveling in these nations, you can use the adaptor to utilize it back at home.

It has been found to perform successfully in various regions of the world and is strong and dependable. Additionally, hotel rooms are known for having a dearth of electrical outlet plugs, so having one is a good idea. It is a really wonderful product, however it could be even better if it were a little bit smaller.


  • Versatile
  • Useful in the UK, the US, Australia, Europe, and Asia


  • For tech that uses less power

Ceptics International Worldwide Travel Plug Adapter Set

This product from Ceptics International is an excellent option if bag space is limited. It provides a selection of adapters for just one nation or one geographic area, like Europe or Australia.

They’re ideal for someone who only wants to bring the necessary converter and already has a multiport USB wall charger that they prefer because they are small, straightforward, and affordable.

The five-piece set is packaged with a convenient pouch for storage. The package includes things that can be used in most nations of the world. Most mobile gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, and cameras, can be charged with it. Hairdryers, curling irons, and other high-voltage devices cannot be used with these adapters since they do not convert voltage.


  • Each item has a country label on it
  • Portable carrying case


  • The adaptor plugs are simple to lose.
  • No USB ports
  • It does not function in South Africa.

Bestek Universal Travel Adapter

A multi-port power adaptor is the BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter. It changes input voltage up to 240VAC into 110VAC and normal 5V USB in the US. It contains plug converters that should work with the majority of power plug standards around the world and is portable in design.

The adaptor weighs four ounces. Overall, even though the converter is relatively big compared to other USB wall chargers or single-type travel adapters, it still lives up to its name as a travel adapter that you can actually take with you.

This travel adapter has a sturdy structural foundation, which is obvious both when you first see it and when you use it. The sliders that pull the adapters out work well and the adapters themselves are solid and don’t seem at all flimsy.


  • Charge six devices at once


  • Not recommended for use with powerful devices

Evo Global Travel Adapter

The 50-gram Evo Global Travel Adapter covers the electrical standards of more than 150 nations, including those of the United States, Europe, and Australia.

With a maximum simultaneous output of 12W, this adapter is especially useful for travelers who bring tablets and smartphones because it lacks the power to accommodate more power-hungry technology. The Evo adapter isn’t even among the fastest chargers when used specifically for phones and tablets, and transferring between modes can be difficult. We’ll argue that this product’s price and incredibly low weight are its major advantages.


  • Compact and light
  • May simultaneously charge up to two devices, including tablets


  • This is only for mobile devices like phones and tablets. possibly a Bluetooth speaker, too. Although the pop-out UK third pin is brilliant in theory, it is little, and we worry that we will eventually lose it.


Versatility is essential if you don’t want to acquire a ton of luggage to bring on your trip. Just because of that, we adore the Epicka Universal Travel Power Adapter, which works in over 160 nations.