By Lifestyle Team | 14 Sept. 2021

Thanksgiving and COVID-19 – How To Make It Fun

Thanksgiving Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Just like before, people had plans for Thanksgiving in 2020. The promises you made last year seem to remain just promises due to COVID-19. This is the time of the year when families and friends sit together and show their gratitude for the blessings they enjoyed in the previous year. Well, 2020 has been quite confusing, hasn’t it? Thanksgiving is upon us and we don’t seem to have a lot of good memories of the previous months. But should we let those memories mar the pleasure of such a beautiful moment? Not at all!

If you are here looking for fun activities, it means you are alive, happy and hopeful. In other words, you have three things to be grateful for this passing year. Most people are not even alive, and some of them are too sick to even open their phones and read this article.

The important question is how you can have fun without family and friends with all the restrictions SOPs that you must follow.

It’s not difficult to turn your regular video chatting with close people into fun. If video chats are fun on regular days, you can make them even more fun in these times.

Do you need more ideas? Okay, let’s talk about the fun activities you can plan for this year’s Thanksgiving.

1. Play Online Games

Online games are the thing and they are now the hottest activities for kids, elders, and generations of all times. Choose your favorites games and beat each other in them. Decide the fun activities for winners and losers. For example, sharing their embarrassing videos and making them do something daring or stupid. However, stay within limits and respect their boundaries.

2. Carry On with Opening and Closing Ceremonies on the Virtual Dinner

This is an old tradition and you don’t have to give up on it just because you cannot sit together with every member. Begin the ceremony with a toast and close it with another one.

3. Talk About the Resolutions – Only Funny Things Allowed

Discuss your plans by talking about the next year’s resolutions. But set the rule of making them funny. You can also make it fun by allowing another person to turn the resolution into something funny. A roasting tradition can be a new addition to your gathering.

4. Start Planning for the Black Friday Deals

Who doesn’t love Black Friday shopping? Plan your shopping and how you will fill your cart. Shopping is a favorite time pass of many and online shopping is never less fun. So, start planning right now.

5. Order or Send Food

You might think that you cannot eat together, and unfortunately, it’s true for some people. But you can still order and send food. If you don’t feel like cooking, ask a friend to share. Food is the most amazing way of connecting with your loved ones. You can also cook meals for each other and share them by sending them.

6. Make a Virtual Gratitude Board

Start a thread in a family or friends group. Make your videos of gratitude and you can combine them to make a virtual gratitude board of your friends and family. Share on social media or family groups to make this experience count.

7. Send Warm Words to Your Loved Ones

Let’s bring back the tradition of sending letters. Yes, cards and letters might seem old-fashioned but they can be the best remedy for this lock-down virtual Thanksgiving situation. A handwritten note is always the most expressive way to make someone feel special. So, instead of sending forwarded text messages, send personalized cards and letters to say thank you.

8. Share Special Thanksgiving Recipes

Ask your mother to reveal the secret ingredient. This can be your moment to ask your mom the traditional and mouthwatering turkey recipe. We know you have made it many times, but it’s never the same. So, ask your mother to reveal her secret ingredient this time, as you miss her and want to feel her by your side. Yes, it is witty, but it is fun too.

The Thanksgiving Fun Has Just Begun

You can always turn bad situations into good situations with your attitude. You can either remain sad about pas grievances on this Thanksgiving or kill the sadness with your personality, smile, and fun-filled spirit. So, There is always something fun to do and be grateful for – keep looking for ideas.