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By Consumer Team | 16 Nov. 2020

iPhone v Android Pros and Cons

iOS v Android Image by Camilo Garcia from Pixabay

iOS and Android hold their place as top contenders in the software market. Due to the tough competition between the two, there have been major innovations in iPhone and Android. Each platform has its pros and cons. Therefore, picking between the two depends on what features suit your lifestyle the best.

iPhone Pros

Many people rate iPhone much higher than android phones. In broad terms, an iPhone tends to be more exclusive than the android. This exclusivity can play out to be an advantage, but it may also be a disadvantage. Here are other aspects that make an iPhone stand out against its rival Android.


In recent times, data has become extremely valuable. Since OS software is predominantly an open-source, the data in your android is susceptible to exploitation. The exclusive encryptions of the IOS software provide a secure user interface, which prioritizes your privacy.

Stability and Efficiency

IOS phones have faster touch and functioning. The reason behind this is the sophisticated programming of the IOS software. The IOS program manages its resources in a much more suitable way, ultimately making the phone stable and lag-free. Furthermore, excellent resource management also improves the phone’s battery life.


Once you become an iPhone user, you get to experience the benefits of the Apple ecosystem. Purchasing different Apple products allow you to create an interconnected network that makes life easier for you. Not to mention, the airdrop feature which allows you to transfer high storage files in just seconds. Plus, apple’s ecosystem allows you to synchronize all your data on apple products with maximum security and privacy.


While IOS’s platform is accessible and user friendly, an android user will always have trouble coping with the IOS system. What the iPhone gains in exclusivity, it loses in its flexibility. Let us look at a few things about an iPhone that can make you reconsider buying it.


Many people chose to buy an Android because of its affordability. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget, buying a higher tier iPhone will surely blow a hole in your pockets. You may be tempted to look at all the different prices of mid-range Android phones instead.

Limited Apps

If you are a person that seeks an abundance of free apps, then you may have a hard time sticking to an iPhone. It is more accessible for programmers to launch apps on the Google Play store instead of the Apple app store. This is why you can find many cool apps on an android phone.

Android Pros

Even though Android phones may not have the same ecosystem, which an iOS incorporates, there are still many reasons why you must consider an android. Android software primarily revolves around the JAVA system. Current times have seen innovations in the JAVA programs, which are making android phones safer and accessible. Here are some aspects you will find specifically on an Android platform.

Accessible Sharing

If you are an outdoorsy person and take loads of pictures to share with your friends, then you should consider an android. With an iPhone, transferring and sharing media to other phones or even your laptop is a hectic task. However, android phones allow you to upload, copy, or paste your media easily with a type C cable or drive. Therefore, an android makes up for an independent phone that is accessible and flexible, unlike the limitations of the iPhone.


An android phone gives you the freedom to customize the settings, display, and even features to a great extent. This is unlike the plain and boring iPhone, which will only allow you to change the wallpaper and maybe a few other things. Getting an android means that you can spice up the display of your phone by choosing different launchers for a fresher and newer look.

Google Ecosystem

Google equips all the android phones with an ecosystem that provides you free storage in the form of Google backups. This will make switching between Android phones less troublesome for you since Google will back up all your data and transfer it to your new phone.


Despite the fun and customizable program that the android software revolves around, it is vulnerable to many hacks and viruses. This means that your phone is more likely become victim of a virus compared to an iPhone. Consequently, this may result in your phone’s performance slowing down and lagging.

To Conclude

Android phones capitalize on all the limitations of an iPhone. However, Mid-range android phones are more vulnerable to malfunction due to viruses and hacks. If privacy, security, and performance matter to you, then there isn’t a better option than an iPhone. Before you pick between the two, it would be best to consider each factor.