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By Education Team | 15 July 2021

How to Prepare for the SAT Math Test

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The SAT is considered the most widely used standardized test for college admissions in the United States. High school aged children, looking to gain acceptance into a college or university, strive for the highest possible SAT score as a means to better their chances for acceptance. The SAT math test is considered the most challenging.

For many students, preparation begins several months before taking the test. What are some of the ways students prepare for the SAT math test? This article reviews the most widely used options. From these you can get a good idea of what may work best for you and your child.

Prepare Using Math Practice Tests and Quizzes

Many students respond well through repetition. For the SAT, this means using math quizzes and SAT practice tests as a way of getting comfortable with the type of information they can expect to see when they take the actual test. Establishing a routine of regularly taking math quizzes and measuring improvement as the SAT test date draws closer, boosts confidence and limits stress that may otherwise hinder performance.

One-on-One or a Group Study Tutor

Tutors can be very helpful. A tutor has the ability to gauge understanding and provide immediate feedback to the student. A tutor that specializes in SAT math test preparation is worth the investment if their tutelage leads to a higher score.

Tutors may be one-on-one or work with a group of students. SAT practice test study groups led by an experienced tutor are popular. Study groups with a tutor are also beneficial to those students who respond better to interacting with other kids.

Going Online to Find Fun Math Games

Some kids need a lot of motivation to learn and retain knowledge on subjects they struggle with. Learning through the use of games is a solution that may be effective for children in any grade. There are a number of games that require the player to solve math problems to attain a new level or achieve a goal.

Sticking to a Study Schedule

With so many resources available online, a disciplined student can compile a list of resources and stick to a study schedule. This approach is suited to students who have good time management skills and the discipline to follow through with their study schedule. Parents may also be involved in this option by communicating with their child and making sure they do not deviate from the planned schedule. The additional benefit of providing an independent study environment for the student may serve to reinforce good study habits that will follow them through college.

The important thing for parents and students to remember about SAT math preparation is that there are a wide variety of options that fit every budget and need. Whether you hire a personal tutor, join a math study group, or have the motivation to collect math practice tests and study resources online to work within your own schedule, there is a means to be fully prepared for your SAT.