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By Education Team | 22 Feb. 2020

How to Get Your GED

get your ged

Was high school not your forte? Regardless, it’s still important to have some form of credentials as you develop your career. With at least a GED, you can prove to potential employers or colleges that you have a higher level of understanding in mathematics, reading, writing, science and social studies.

1 - Know what your state’s requirements are

Though generally, test takers must be at least 16 to sit the exam, many states require them to be at least 18 unless they receive an age waiver. Fees and retake policies may vary from state to state, so also be aware of this. Of course, for those in financial need, there are also waiver programs.

2 - Enroll in a GED class

If you are not extremely self-motivated, it may be difficult for you to study for the GED on your own. Try to enroll in a GED class. In a GED class, you can get formally educated on test-taking strategies and it’s much easier to be kept accountable for preparing for the tests. Learn the set-up of the tests and what you can and can’t do on the day of the test. If you work and need a more flexible class structure, you should research online GED classes. In some areas, free online GED classes may be available. Go to and research the options in your state.

3 - Be Wary of “How to get your GED Online” Guides

Have you been seeing articles online telling you how to get your GED online? Have any of these guides suggested that you can actually take the GED exams online? The truth is, unless you have a very unique, special circumstance, you cannot actually earn your GED online. You can, however, take GED classes online. Because the GED is such a popular exam to take, there is a lot of misleading information. When you look for GED classes or helpful GED study guides, make sure the resource you’re looking at is legitimate.

4 - Prepare for the GED test

Even if you take a GED class, you will need to do at least some preparation for the test on your own. Make a study schedule and set specific goals. This will make it easier for you to cover all the necessary material. If you don’t understand something as you study, make a list of your questions and bring them to your GED instructor. When you study, also be sure to take a sufficient number of study breaks.

5 - Register for the GED online

Go to the official GED website, create a personal online account and then log in. On the online portal, you will be able to choose which section you want to take. There are four sections – you can choose to take from 1 to 4 sections on the same day. If you have a learning disorder or handicap, be sure to let this be known as you register for the test. In many cases, accommodations can be made.

6 - Take the exam

On the day of the exam, be sure to arrive a bit early and follow all instructions the test center has provided. If you are taking the exam in the US, on certain sections, you will be allowed to use a special on-screen calculator.