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By Education Team | 07 June 2019

Don’t Fall for These “Online GED” Scams


Online GED scams are becoming more and more common as need for the exam rises. Because those seeking to get a GED certification are often those who need more flexible education options, online GED scams often get away with manipulative tactics like promising flexible testing options that don’t exist or a fast, easy way of taking the GED. If you’re unsure whether you’re getting scammed, the best thing to do is just to register at the official GED site and find a testing center using their official tools. Don’t believe us? Find some common GED scam promises below.

1. “You can take the GED online anywhere”

This is 100% false. In order to receive a true, GED certification, you must take the tests in-person at an authorized testing center. While there are certainly portions of the test that are computer-based, these computer-based portions must be taken at a testing center. Of course, there are ways the GED tries to accommodate those with physical or mental disabilities, but these exceptions almost never include being able to take the GED at home. If you truly need special accommodation because of a condition or disability, contact your local test center or the official GED testing service.

2. “You can buy GED certification”

GED certification cannot be bought. This scam should be fairly obvious, but that does not stop some unscrupulous organizations from using manipulative language to make users believe getting a GED is as easy as buying something online. Though you may have to pay to take the exam, you must actually take the tests and pass in order to receive your certification and diploma.

3. “You only have to take 1 GED subject test!”

The GED as a whole is technically made up of four different tests (mathematical reasoning, science, social studies & reasoning through language arts) that can be administered and paid for separately. Test takers, however, must pass all of these tests in order to get a GED transcript and diploma. Any site claiming that you must only take one of the tests to pass is lying.

4. “It costs $200+ to take the GED”

While there is a cost to take the GED and these costs vary by state, the total cost for taking all of the tests should not exceed $150 (as of 2017). Any sites claiming that they offer test registration for more than that value should not be trusted.

5. “Take a simple, short version of the test!”

Some sites go as far as offering to administer a “simplified, short” version of the exam, charging an exorbitant amount of money as a convenience charge. Unless test takers claim a disability, the test durations are standardized. The official test durations are as follows:

  • Math – 115 minutes
  • Social Studies – 70 minutes
  • Science – 90 minutes
  • Reasoning Through Language Arts – 150 minutes

If test takers claim a disability, there is the possibility of getting extra time to take the test, or to get additional breaks. To receive these accommodations, contact the testing center or official organization so you can fill out the proper paperwork and show the right authorizations in advance.