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By Education Team | 17 Mar. 2022

Cloud Computing: Providing Great Influence in our Growing Technology

cloud computer

As our generation develops faster, it would be very helpful for us to know about and understand cloud computing. We may never realize that a single step or a single action we are doing while using our cellphones or computers is already cloud computing.

You may already know something about cloud computing, but only those who are more literate in computers or technology understand what cloud computing is, how it works, and its importance to our daily life and our society.

Without further ado, let’s be literate with cloud computing.

Cloud computing is often referred to as the general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services on the internet. Different services where this could be beneficial include data storage, servers, databases, networking, and software. It is simply virtual storage that we can use to place our digital resources, applications, and files. This technology allows everyone to share data, information, and applications all across the internet without the hindrance of a long-distance or the consumption of a long time for traveling to a certain destination where you want to bring and give your information. This so-called cloud computing is very helpful to everyone, especially in our current generation, which has fast-growing technology.

So, what benefits does cloud computing give us?

There are a lot of benefits we could get from this technology. But for now, let me discuss with you the major role of this technology in our lives.

It gives us better storage.

As technology grows faster, all of us in modern times use technology. Most of us, kids or seniors, use cellular phones, laptops, tablets, or even computers. All of these gadgets have their own internal storage built into them. On the other hand, there is also a location where we could install a memory card to increase the storage capacity of our gadgets. Having a wide storage capacity for our gadgets is very important, especially if you have a lot of things to store for your memories, for studies, for information filing, and even for your work. Well, with the help of this cloud computing technology, you don’t have to look for a gadget with high memory storage because the cloud can already give you that. There are no limitations on capacity in the cloud. This means you can store whatever you want, no matter how much space it can cover. In the cloud, you have better and higher storage.

It could be beneficial to big companies for better scalability.

A lot of companies have inconsistent operational agility. Having the cloud as a good tool for the scalability of one company would be very beneficial. It would be easier for them to adjust to their current situation if they had to scale down or even scale up. With the help of the cloud, companies or even a simple individual could easily adapt to changes over time.

It is helpful in collaborating with remote users.

In our current situation, most workers are looking for jobs online. And many of them preferred to work remotely for safety reasons and convenience. A simple task, or as simple as the action of finding a job and sending your information to your desired employer, already uses the cloud. The transmission of information or data from an employee to an employer is a function of the cloud. In short, a long-distance between two individuals or more will never be a hindrance to achieving your goal in life. The cloud could help everyone have a faster way of communication and collaboration with anyone, anywhere in the world.

It can help people easily recover files.

Recovering files in some of the gadgets we use nowadays have been very hard to execute, especially if the file was already corrupted. For instance, we sometimes can’t avoid the accident of being a victim of some crime like robbery or being a victim of a snatcher. Being the victim of such accidents sometimes leads us to not recover important files we have on our cellular phones or laptops. But, with the help of the cloud, all our files on any of our gadgets can have a backup, and with that, we can easily recover important files we have on our stolen gadgets. The cloud gives people a hassle-free recovery solution.

Security is provided by the Cloud.

The cloud has a high-security system to ensure that all the information or data you have entered into it will be secured. For example, if your device is stolen, your files cannot be stolen as well. Why? Because the cloud secures and assures that your data and information shared are safe and will never be in the hands of anyone.

With all the benefits discussed, it only proves that cloud computing not only has a high impact on the world but has also had a great influence on our growing technology.