By Lifestyle Team | 20 Apr. 2021

Best ways to enjoy summer on your bike

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The sun is out! There’s no better way to enjoy the beautiful summer weather than getting on your bike and experiencing the freedom of your own two wheels.

If you are planning a bike ride, make sure you read our top tips for the best ways to enjoy summer on your bike. Stay safe in the sun and most importantly have fun!

Check your bike before you ride

Before you set off on your summer bike ride, make sure that your bike is in good working order. You don’t want to spoil your ride with a flat tire.

Make sure that your tyres are pumped up and free from punctures - It’s worth bringing a small repair kit with you in case you come across any punctures on your ride.

Check your brakes are working too. You can add a bit of bike oil if they are squeaking.

Get a bell for your bike

Treat your bike to a nice bell so that you can let people know that you are passing. It’s much easier than having to shout at pedestrians that are walking in the cycle lane…

Wear the right clothes and shoes

Wear something comfortable and lightweight. It’s a good idea to wear a top with ventilation so that you don’t end up sweaty! Lycra is an option if you want to look professional… but regular shorts or a skirt can work too if you are cycling around town.

Don’t forget to wear the right shoes too. You’ll want to wear breathable and comfortable shoes with a good grip so that your feet don’t slip on the pedals.

Plan a route and explore new places

You can enjoy the summer on your bike just by swapping the journeys you normally make by car or public transport. Getting out on your bike is a simple way to get fit, save money and the planet. You might even find that cycling is a quicker way to get around.

If you are thinking about going a bit further on your bike, it’s a good idea to take a look at a map and plan out your journey before you go. Look for cycle paths if possible so that you can spend less time on the road.

You can make your journey even more enjoyable by finding a few places to stop off along the way.

Bring a picnic

Nothing is more rewarding than pausing your bike ride for a homemade picnic. Choose a shady spot and take a well earned break with some sandwiches and ice cold lemonade. If you have a basket or panniers on your bike you can fill them with tasty treats.

Go for a wild swim

If you are cycling near a river or lake, why not stop for a swim to cool off? Make sure you dry off in the sun before you get back on your bike to avoid feeling uncomfortable!

Bring sunscreen and water

Don’t get caught out in the heat - make sure you have enough water for your ride and plenty of sunscreen so that you don’t get burnt. Make sure you apply plenty to your arms as these will be in direct sunlight as you are riding.

Download Strava to record your route and compete with others

Strava is a fun app that records your cycling route for you. You can even share your ride with friends and see if you are faster than other people that have cycled the same route.