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By Education Team | 19 May 2022

Learn English Cheap & Fast: Free Online Classes Starting Now at Any Level

Want to start speaking English in a matter of weeks? Looking for free online classes at top online schools?

From online class recommendations to practical advice, we’ve outlined the fastest and cheapest ways to learn English for learners at any level. Start practicing anytime, anywhere. Check out your options below.

Talk to People

The best advice for learning English is to talk to other people who speak English as often as possible. English has many unique and interesting phrases, and the best way to learn them is from people who already know English.

Don’t be afraid to start talking with other people, if only to practice the phrases you know. Most will be happy to talk with you and may even help you when you find yourself forgetting how to say certain things. The more people you talk to, the more confident you will become in your knowledge of the language.

Regular & Online Classes - Free & Paid

If you have the time, the best way to learn a language is to take a structured class. To make things easier, check out online English classes. For those who are on a budget, there are a variety of free classes (USA Learns & MOOEC) available.

If you are willing to invest more in your studies and would like to get more in-depth or individual attention, paid classes offered by Open English and FluentU also offer great, flexible online solutions.

Watch Television and Movies

Many people learn English through the media. Watching television and movies gives you a great way to hear English being spoken so that you can familiarize yourself with how words are pronounced and how they are used in sentences.

If you can find a movie that has subtitles in your native language, you can even follow along with word for word. Though you will not necessarily get the same benefits that you would get in a conversation, having English around you can help you to better adapt and to learn words that might not come up in typical English lessons.

Ask Questions!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! If you do not know exactly what a word means or how to say something, ask a friend. Other people who speak your native language and know English can be a great resource, but even native English speakers can be very helpful.

Ask a friend or co-worker what a word means or how to say something if you cannot figure it out yourself. Not only will you get the help you need, but you may learn even more during the conversation. Most people are more than happy to help those who show an effort in trying to learn English.

Go to the Library

Local libraries are very good resources for learning English. Some libraries actually hold classes, but even those that do not have many books that are perfect for English language learners.

You can generally ask a librarian for help finding books about learning English, as well as for help finding books for those who are still learning how to read. Libraries are also free and you can get a card with no cost, so they are one of the most valuable tools you can use when you want to improve your English.

Don’t Be Alone

Finally, try not to stay by yourself. The best way to learn any language is to surround yourself with people who are native speakers. Though this can be frustrating and you might not always feel like you are understood, you will adapt more quickly if you spend time with others.

Speak English whenever you can and try to keep practicing whenever it is possible to do so. Isolating your self will alone make it harder to learn and give you fewer chances to master speaking English with others. Go out and do your best to be a part of the English-speaking world around you.

If you want to learn English, make sure that you constantly practice. Take classes, go to the library, and talk to people whenever you can. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and do not stay by yourself because you are not confident in your language abilities.

If you are will to take a chance, people will usually be quite happy to help you. English is a very difficult language to learn, but many other people have done so before you. With a lot of practice, you will soon find that your ability to speak English is far beyond what you could have ever imagined.