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By Lifestyle Team | 30 June 2021

8 Best Uses for Dish Soap Aside from Washing Dishes

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Are you interested in getting more bang for your buck out of a product you probably have at home right now? Maybe you’ve never given a second thought to that powerful little bottle sitting by the kitchen sink. Many people use dish soap just to wash their dishes, unaware of the many uses for dish soap. Here are some household tips:

1. Trap and Kill Fruit Flies

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If you’ve ever found yourself annoyed by pesky fruit flies buzzing around the house, don’t waste your time trying to swat them dead. Instead, set a trap. Fill a medium-sized plastic cup about a quarter way with apple cider vinegar and add a few drops of dish soap. The smell of apples attracts the fruit flies and the dish soap breaks the surface tension of the liquid causing the flies to become trapped and drown when they inevitably come to investigate.

2. Restore Shine to Jewelry

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If you don’t have or are out of jewelry cleaner, save yourself a trip to the store with dish soap. You can easily get the same benefits as jewelry cleaner by combining dish soap with seltzer water in a small container. Soak the jewelry as you would in a traditional cleaner and use any little brush to tackle the grooves. Rinse off and enjoy the shine.

3. Remove Wine Stains

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If someone has spilled some red wine on your carpet or on your clothes, there’s no need to panic. Dish soap can clean red wine on fabric as well as your dishes without damaging them. Add dish soap to some warm water and apply it to the stain gently with a cloth until you can no longer see the stain.

4. Prevent Weeds

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Are you hesitant to use harsh chemicals to get rid of weeds in your driveway and around fences? Create a spray with of dish soap, vinegar, and salt as an alternative, but effective solution.

5. Clean Your Cabinets

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Are your kitchen cabinets dirty or covered with cooking residue? Are there leftover moisture streaks on your bathroom cabinets? Dish soap is mild enough to use for cleaning without stripping the paint.

6. Eliminate Your Pet’s Fleas

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One of the more surprising methods of using dish soap is using it to kill your pet’s fleas. Once your pet is wet, lather them up with the dish soap, making sure not to miss any spots and the soap kills the fleas within minutes by damaging their exoskeleton but not harming your pet.

7. Tackle Oil Stains

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Are there oil stains ruining your garage floor? Skip renting a pressure cleaner and throw some baking soda on the stain followed by a layer of dish soap. Use a brush to scour the combination and leave it on for a few hours to soak down into the stain.

8. Furniture Cleaner

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Dish soap can be used to clean both fabric and synthetic leather couches. Use a spray bottle with dish soap, vinegar, and water to clean the upholstery and let dry after wiping down with a cloth.

There are many dish soap uses beyond the kitchen sink. Save time and money by utilizing this versatile household product to cross many items off your to-do list.