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By Education Team | 12 Mar. 2022

7 Best Online Spanish Classes: Start Speaking in Weeks with Fast, Paid or Free Online Classes Starting Now

Want to start speaking Spanish in weeks? Searching for online classes with paid and free options that start right now?

Read our guide below to find the best online Spanish classes that fit your needs and schedule.

Best Spanish Classes for All Levels

Learning Spanish means learning another culture. This can be daunting at first, but with the available classes and resources online, you will be able to speak this language confidently.

If you do not know which language will help you to tick off “Learning another language” from your bucket list, we suggest that you learn one of the easiest and most spoken languages in the world - Spanish.

studyspanish’s curriculum will take your Spanish skills from beginner to advanced level. They offer Spanish classes from vowels to conversational courses. Topics and examples are discussed based on the English grammar first, then those examples are translated and discussed based on Spanish grammar.

They offer free Spanish lessons about Spanish idioms, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and basic Spanish travel phrases which are accessible even if you do not log in to their website. For extensive Spanish courses, you may want to opt for their Premium Membership. This will give you full access to’s lessons, audio podcasts, and full access to the Camino App, which is ideal for practicing conversational Spanish. is best for learners on the go because they offer crisp and clear audio-based lessons and transcripts that can also be printed or viewed online. If you want to be conversationally fluent in Spanish at a reasonable price, is for you.

Available on: Android | iOS
Price: Free Membership | Premium Membership (starts at $9.99 per month)
Level: Beginner to Advanced
- Verb conjugation tool to help you improve your grammar and vocabulary.
- Quizzes, tests, and games for better evaluation of your Spanish grammar and vocabulary skills.



If you want to learn the basics of the Spanish language without breaking the bank, then Duolingo is your pal. They have integrated gamification to each Spanish lesson to encourage learning by earning virtual coins; unlocking new levels; and watching your fluency score rise as you master new words, phrases, and grammar. You can set goals and use hearts for exercises - you lose 1 heart for an incorrect answer in a lesson - which is good in learning Spanish, so you can focus more on learning than just progressing through lessons.

Its cute interface makes it easy to use and won’t let boredom get into you while learning. Duolingo is best for learning basic Spanish grammar and vocabulary, but it is not ideal if you want to learn native Spanish since voice recordings lack accent, and conjugation is not taught in the lessons.

Duolingo makes Spanish classes accessible on different platforms, and they give out rewards for every achievement which makes learning fun and interactive!

Available on: Android | iOS | Windows
Price: Free | Duolingo Plus ($6.99 per month)
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
- Duolingo Stories - read, listen, and imitate the audio in each story to improve your Spanish reading and speaking skills.
- Tinycards - browse or create your flashcards to help you refresh and memorize your Spanish vocabulary.
- Duolingo Podcast - immerse yourself with Spanish as each episode includes a mix of Spanish and English language, with transcript available.
- Dictionary and Forums

live lingua’s wide array of free and paid lessons will step up your Spanish skills from vocabulary to conjugation and from casual to professional conversations. You can enroll in different programs depending on your purpose in learning Spanish. Don’t worry about your Spanish level when taking specialized programs, since fundamentals of Spanish are included in all curriculums, and absolute beginners are welcome! Their Spanish tutors have years of experience in preparing students for DELE and ECELE - the top Spanish certificates in the world - so their DELE and ECELE programs are very helpful if you want to get certified in Spanish proficiency.

You can review and choose your online Spanish tutors - these tutors have university degrees and years of Spanish teaching experience; and are native Spanish speakers from Mexico, Spain, and Latin America, so pronunciation will be as if you’re talking to a Spanish local. These tutors curate and customize their curriculums based on each student’s needs and schedule. You can have your 1-on-1 60-minute Skype video lesson any time, any day!

Price: Free via Live Lingua Project | Standard/Custom Spanish Lessons (starts at $16.00 per hour, cost per hour will lessen depending on hours and program purchased) | Specialized Spanish Courses (starts at $99.00) | DELE/ECELE (starts at $21.00 per hour, cost per hour will lessen depending on hours purchased)
Level: Beginner to Superior
- Twiducate - a private social media platform created by teachers and educators for their students’ learning activities. This is a platform for collaboration between students, teachers, and educators around the world, with teachers having full control of the network.
- Gift Card (starts at $25.00) - works like an actual gift card, which can be used to take lessons with any of the languages taught at Live Lingua.
- Live Lingua Project - the internet’s largest collection of free public domain language learning materials, making language learning accessible to everyone.


BaseLang offers unlimited online and in-person programs to get you from beginner to superior Spanish proficiency. With its unlimited classes, teaching quality, and flexibility, is a convenient way to learn Spanish. If you’ll be able to maximize it, you’ll get more than what you paid for.

They have two programs that can help you learn Spanish in no time: Real World and Grammarless. The Real World program allows you to have unlimited access to their 1-on-1 in-person and online classes. Instructors usually follow a curriculum but you can communicate to them the lessons that you would prefer to work on; Grammarless is an 80-hour program, with a fixed, regular schedule. Each student has one dedicated teacher and they can also access unlimited online teachers for conversational practice.

Online and in-school (Medellin Spanish School) immersion to Spanish will greatly help you in becoming conversationally fluent in Spanish - which concludes’s method. Frequent conversations using Spanish will help you go from beginner to conversationally fluent and even get certified through the help of their DELE lessons.

Price: Online Classes (starts at $1.00) | Medellin and Online Classes (starts at $149.00 per month) | DELE ($699.00 per month)
Level: Beginner to Superior
Extras: Free access to BaseLang’s Ultimate Guide to Spanish, Perfect Spanish Curriculum Blueprint, and Sounds of Spanish just by entering your name and email.

News in Slow Spanish

news in spanish

News in Slow Spanish is ideal for listeners that have brief experience in Spanish and would like to improve their Spanish listening comprehension skills. News and lessons are discussed in slow Spanish; audio speed can be adjusted from slow to normal to familiarize listeners to real-world pronunciation.

The hosts make learning Spanish more enjoyable, as they provide additional information and give their opinion on the news; they also mix English and Spanish along with the lesson. This type of learning approach will help improve your Spanish listening, reading, and comprehension skills.

Available on: Android | iOS | Desktop | Spotify | Google Podcast | Youtube
Price: $22.90 per month
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
- Quizzes are utilized to evaluate the listener’s reading and listening comprehension.
- Gift Card Creator



If you’d like to learn the fundamentals of Spanish, and practice your Spanish language skills and expand your skill-set at the same time, then edX is the right platform for you. edX offers limited lessons on basic Spanish grammar, vocabulary, and phrases taught by instructors from Universitat Politècnica de Valencia. Despite its limited Spanish language lessons, edX offers the XSeries Program - a wide variety of skill-based lessons spoken and written in Spanish - perfect for advanced to superior level.

edX does not only allow you to learn the Spanish language, but also its culture. Through its free AP Spanish Language and Culture course, you will be exposed to the AP Spanish exam and think productively about Hispanic cultures.

Available on: Android | iOS
Price: Free (+$40.00 if you want to get a certificate) | Professional Certificate in Basic Spanish ($126.00)
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Extras: XSeries Program - a series of courses to develop deep knowledge in interesting and popular subjects.

fluencia is a great website if you want to be confident in speaking conversational Spanish. They use interactive conversational Spanish as one of their methods of teaching so that the learner can learn and use authentic language and culture in real-life conversations. uses Smart Review Technology, which is based on repetition, that helps boost retention. They use images that are appropriate for each lesson/sentence which helps in retention.

Audio is recorded by real Spanish speakers that make each conversation sound real. Different accents were used for a better understanding of the Spanish context. They use speech recognition so you can practice your Spanish speaking skills. Their intelligent feedback system will give you feedback to tell you your weak spots that you can later work on. is a good platform to learn the basics of the Spanish language. Their lessons do not focus on conjugation but rather on phrases that help you be confident in talking using the Spanish language. However, you should supplement with other resources if you’d like to be conversationally fluent in Spanish.

Price: Free (15 lessons, any level) | Subscription (starts at $6.95 per month)
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Extras: Check out their blogs to know more about Spanish learning techniques and Spanish culture!

Our Key Takeaway

Learning basic Spanish can be achieved at approximately 3 months if you will render at least 1 hour per day. However, learning should be at your own pace, and there are lots of resources online that can help you learn Spanish. Be sure to check out these online Spanish classes to see what’s best for you. And remember, no matter what you do, the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself and converse with people that speak Spanish.

Happy learning!