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By Consumer Team | 17 May 2022

Seniors Only: Best Cell Plans in 2021 – Find Great Deals

Are you a senior looking for special mobile phone deals catered towards seniors? We’ve done the research and outlined the best cell phone plans for seniors below. Find the cell phone plan that fits your budget and needs.

1 - GreatCall Health and Safety Package

GreatCall offers the choice of a Jitterbug flip phone or smartphone along with one of its three Health and Safety packages for senior citizens. The cheapest cell phone plan you can get with the carrier is the Basic plan for $19.99. You can get 5Star Urgent Response, which allows you to immediately connect with an agent on a 24/7 basis when you need assistance in any situation. Brain Games is another included feature, and it allows you to play a variety of fun games that can help you to keep your mind sharp.

The Preferred plan is $24.99 per month and includes those features as well as Urgent Care where you can immediately connect with a nurse or doctor any time or even get a prescription for some medications right over the phone. GreatCall Link is also included. It’s an app that informs your caregiver about your health and safety.

The Ultimate plan offers the same features as Preferred but costs $34.99 per month. Additionally, for a few extra dollars each month, you can add a certain number of minutes, texts and data to your plan if necessary.

2 - Sprint Unlimited 55+ Plan

Sprint offers cell phone plans for seniors with its Unlimited 55+ plan. If you are 55 or older, you can save money on this plan if you switch to Sprint and pay $70 per month for two lines. With the plan, you get unlimited talk, text and data and can enjoy unlimited mobile hotspots, stream video in DVD quality and get global roaming when you travel. These are the same great perks that customers enjoy from the regular Sprint unlimited plan, which costs $100 per month for two lines.

In order to get this plan, the account holder has to provide proof of their age. Any valid government-issued ID that includes your date of birth is sufficient to prove you are eligible for the Sprint Unlimited 55+ plan. You can also use the smartphone you already own, lease a new one or buy a new device outright to use with the plan.

3 - T-Mobile Unlimited 55 Plans

T-Mobile also offers some great cell phone plans for seniors with its Unlimited 55 options. The Essentials Unlimited 55 is the cheapest one for $27.50 per line at $55 per month. It includes unlimited talk, text and data, texting while abroad, 3G mobile hotspot data and 2G data in Canada and Mexico. You can also stream video content at standard definition.

The preferred plan for seniors with T-Mobile tends to be its Magenta Unlimited 55 at $35 for two lines at $70 per month. It allows you to enjoy unlimited talk, text and data, texting and data while abroad, standard definition streaming, 3GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot data, 5GB of 4G data in Canada and Mexico and an hour of in-flight Wi-Fi.

However, for an extra $20 per month, you can go up from there with the Magenta Plus Unlimited 55 plan. For $90 per month, you get unlimited talk, text and data, double the texting and data speed while traveling abroad, HD streaming, 20GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot data, 5GB of 4G data in Canada and Mexico, unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi and standard two-screen Netflix access.

Of course, no matter which Unlimited 55 plan you choose, you also get access to free stuff every week and instant access to customer service.

4 - AT&T Senior Nation Plan

AT&T’s Senior Nation plan is available for customers 65 and older. It includes 200 anytime talk minutes, unlimited minutes to AT&T customers and 500 nights and weekend minutes for $29.99 per month. Although this is perhaps the cheapest cell phone plan for seniors, it also limits you to a basic cell phone, which means you cannot get a smartphone if you prefer that. Also, you are charged 45 cents per minute if you go over your anytime minutes.

5 - Verizon 55 Plus Plan

Verizon Wireless offers a plan for seniors with its 55 Plus, which costs $80 per month for two lines or $60 per month if you only need a single line. Included, you get unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data, DVD quality video streaming, unlimited mobile hotspot, access in Canada and Mexico and Verizon Up rewards.

6 - Unreal Mobile

Unreal is by far the cheapest phone plan on this list. Unreal Mobile offers plans for as low as $10 per month (includes unlimited talk and text, plus 1 GB of data). If you watch a lot of videos or always need the best connection, this may not be the best plan for you. However, if your usage is light and strong service connection is not an issue, then it can be an amazingly cheap alternative to all other cell phone plan providers.

7 - Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless allows you to pay either monthly or annually. When you pay annually, you actually save a few bucks each month compared with paying monthly for your plan. This is ideal for seniors so they can save money. The middle plan is $200 per year (that’s only $16.67 per month) and offers unlimited talk and text as well as 1GB of data.

These are among the best cell phone plans for seniors. It’s wise to compare the options available in your area and ultimately choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.