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By Recreation Team | 20 July 2020

7 Amazing Camping Hacks to Make your next Trip a Breeze

silhouette-of-person-standing-near-camping-tent-2398220 Photo by Cliford Mervil from Pexels

You know, one lovely thing about camping is to have a wonderful experience and save good memories. Living outdoors alone or with those you care about in some of the most beautiful places and experiencing all that nature offers is what makes camping interesting.

There are different reasons why people go camping. Camping is for everyone, whether you are heading out on an impulse for a night under the stars, or planning a family trip across the country. It is an exciting, healthy, and personal way to spend your holiday time. It connects you with the quiet majesty of nature, allowing you to relax with family and friends. Regardless of the reason, one thing common to all is to have fun and good memories of the journey. While camping can be a lot of fun, it can also be a hassle if you go unprepared. No one wants to sleep uncomfortably, struggle to get the fire going or camp in the dark, and many more.

To avoid getting into a messy situation and to enjoy all that camping comes with, here are seven fantastic camping hacks you can use to make your camping experience an unforgettable one. You can use so many of these to make your trip extra fun for yourself and others. So, grab those camping supplies as you’re about to learn some of the best and easiest ways to make yourself and family more comfortable living the sweet life.

Safety tips

Hey lover, one of the many benefits of camping is enjoying the comfort of home while on the road. As a camper who would be on the road for some days, it is important to consider some factors to have a safe and stress-free vacation. You must be very security conscious to avoid any harmful incident.

It is important to find a place that allows long term parking and has night security, cameras, and gates. Avoid sleeping in places with evidence of parties, such as beer bottles and garbage on the ground. Sleeping in these places will increase the chance of being attacked by people who could be dangerous to your trip.

Most of the time, campers or travelers go in a private car. So you should go in a private car to enjoy optimum privacy. To be much safer, you can get involved with your vehicle’s security if you feel it is important. Things like advanced alarm systems, lockbox, door deadbolts, caged dividers, padlocked door locks, or even GPS systems are used to secure one’s self, especially if there are precious materials in the van such as laptops, passports, hard drives, camera gear, and other important gadgets. Although, it’s better to be safe than sorry, having a lock box to store passports, money, etc. is always good for peace of mind.

Pretty and handsome readers, do not forget to avoid getting drunk. Make sure you don’t get smashed before going to bed. Always be in good condition, both day and night, to drive away in case someone or something bothers you or perhaps the law agency requires that you move away. Other tips are bringing a first aid kit, keeping your food safe, keeping pests and bugs away, staying warm, and building a safe fire.

Preferred Bed

Even while camping, the daily routine might be exhausting. And one of the most important parts of camping is sleeping time, when the body relaxes after a long day of exploration and adventure.

Nothing messes up your sleep schedule than not getting a bed to lay on, a comfortable one at that, right? It is important to make a comfortable mattress when you go camping to ensure a comfortable and peaceful rest. Make sure you have your pillow, though, not everyone likes it, but advisable.

It could be a mattress or pad, but soft enough to sleep on. However, foam floor tiles ensure good night sleep if in doubt about purchasing one. Keep the dirt and sand out of your bed. Other types of beds to opt for when camping include the folding camp beds, air beds, camping mats, raised air beds, inflatable sleeping mat, etc.

Lighting Ideas

You know what difference it is to be in a dark environment and an atmosphere filled with light, isn’t it? Lighting sets the mood and makes a big impact on the environment, especially at night, when the environment is clouded with darkness and nothing to enjoy but boredom. As a camper, you should fill your camping environment with some nice lighting at night. When you have a long vacation or time to spend out on the road for days, you would have to worry about how the nights will be spent. It is pitch black outside, and you probably want to stay out long, considering that, you switch on the lights. With this, you can have and enjoy your life without having to worry about anything. You can even take a beach chair and crack open a beer. And if it’s just a couple’s trip, be sure to have a romantic dinner. If you find that you need extra light, it’s easy to make one with this quick hack. Simply fill a large can or water bottle with water and wrap your headlight’s strap around it with the light facing the water. Once you turn it on, it will make the water glowy and create a beautiful camping light. Also, the gallon jug lighting is brilliant. You just strap a headlamp to a gallon jug, and it gives off as much light as your living room lamp. It’s enough to fill your entire tent. You just need the jug and your headlamp, which you can pick up at any store that carries camping equipment, and they’re relatively cheap.

This is great for those late-night talks or even reading in the tent. Different types of lights include Fairy light, glow sticks, flashlight, headlamp, candle stakes, rechargeable lantern, and others.

Kitchen utensils

The style of camping is almost equivalent to that of the home. The kitchen is the heart of the home and shouldn’t be an exception while camping, most especially for van lifers who practically live in the van. Food is one of the basic elements of life that sustains man and one of the universal camping necessities.

There is no doubt that you would have to cook, store, and preserve food to eat while on the road, that is why having the necessary kitchen utensils allow robust meals to be made easy. Having to eat while camping means you save money, feel healthier, and frankly, if you are vegan most times, you can make a tastier meal than you can get eating out. Saving money and eating healthy are both incredible benefits and also a means to meet other travelers. It makes sense to plan a kitchen layout you’re excited to use. You’ll discover that appliances designed for campers sometimes work entirely differently from those you are familiar with at home.

Camping is a lot of work, and cooking outside requires a lot. Of course, a few hacks can make preparing a delicious meal quite a bit simpler. Before your departure, be sure to plan a comprehensive menu and prep your food. Then, ensure you have the proper equipment to cook your meals. Important kitchen utensils not to miss out are the kitchen utensils set or rather hang up a shoe organizer and store in your utensils, also get a camping stove, grills, and dutch-over tripod. They are designed for camping trips. With this, you can be referred to as a campfire Masterchef, lol.


Camping is interesting, especially when you have a list of awesome camping hacks that help you make the most of your help. Packing is a big task for any type or length of the trip. One thing you wouldn’t want to forget is your toiletries! There’s no magic one-size-fits-all toiletry list that will work for all, but ensuring that you have the essentials is enough. Regarding the toilet, If you’re not comfortable just going anywhere, the DIY toilet is a dream. You can make one easily with just a few supplies, like an old milk crate, a five-gallon bucket, and a toilet seat. You’ll need to empty it, of course. Also, you know you want a good shower while you’re camping, but what if you’re not really near a campground that has this? You have to make your own. And it’s easier than you think. You need a rectangular water jug and a few other supplies. This is such a great idea, and perfect for rinsing off after you get out of the lake when swimming, too.

You certainly want to make sure that your toilet paper is safe and protected from water and other problems. An empty coffee can make the perfect toilet paper holder and dispenser. You can cut a slit into the side and feed the toilet paper through it. The plastic helps protect the paper from rain or other moisture and ensures that it stays clean and dry. Other toiletries to take note of include; toiletry bag, pocket-sized lotion, folding toothbrush, and toothpaste combo, travel bottle, tissue paper, hand sanitizer spray, etc.

Games and Entertainment

Camping is a great way to spend quality time with your family enjoying the outdoors. But there’s no denying that camping does take quite a lot of planning and energy, depending on where you live and how much you are in person. But there are plenty of ways to make camping easier, less stressful, and therefore more fun! And you don’t have to spend a fortune on fancy camping gear or equipment to do it.

Family camping fun is attainable, especially if you take a few of these hacks, tips, games, and activities. Every good camping trip needs a game or two, whether you’re camping with little children, teens, or adults. Entertaining yourself and others is even another means of relieving yourself of the day’s stress and thoughts that might weigh you down. While going on a trip, do not forget to take with you a power bank to help charge your phone when your battery is down and also a music device to play.

There are several games you can engage in to have fun, such as nature scavenger hunt, geocaching, S-P-U-D, Fairy horse, Game cards and many more. Asides these, you can also swing in a hammock, go fishing, swim, hike, watch movies, play games on electronic devices, read books, sing and lot more. These games and forms of entertainment are perfect complements to your outdoor experiences. They’ll require you to explore, move, and get a little dirty.

Save enough cash to spend

Not often, but you secretly admire some things while you watch and see camping videos and pictures on Instagram. Imagine spending a few days out of your everyday environment, you get fascinated by new things and might want to try them out. To be able to achieve this, there has to be enough cash on you to avoid regret. Before camping, endeavor to have saved if not much but little to engage yourself with. And especially if you’re going with your family, it wouldn’t be bad to spoil them a little, you know right?

How to deal with the weather?

Camping trips aren’t limited to summer anymore. With advancements in gear, clothing, and weather forecasting, it’s easier than ever to get outside in all kinds of weather. Camping has become a year-round activity. So if your thought negates this, then it’s time to get more enlightened. You can try to plan your trips around good camping weather, but you should always be prepared.

Perhaps you venture into hot zones, you should be prepared for the conditions. Camping in an air-conditioned vehicle gives you another warm feeling. But you need to be prepared should that power fail. As regards your clothing style, be sure your wardrobe includes light-colored fabrics, polyester, and nylon. Also, stay hydrated and find shade.

In a cold environment, or where sudden weather changes can cause temperatures to plunge, you have to prepare for big changes. Many mountain campgrounds can still have snow on the ground. To stay cool in cold weather, get clothes such as long-sleeve shirts, long pants, a hooded sweatshirt, parka jacket, warm socks, gloves or mittens, and a beanie. Avoid cotton materials as they trap and hold moisture close to the body, reducing any insulating value. Also, take note of the gears too. Instead of sweltering inside a super warm sleeping bag, add an extra blanket on top of your standard duty bag.

Travel security tips?

You know how much security conscious you can be while indoor in the corner of your home? How much more while out, especially in a place you aren’t familiar with. While you plan to visit numerous monuments and parks, hike a lot of mountains, enjoy delicious meals, taste local beers, and enjoy thrilling events in your hosting city, it is also essential to keep your safety and security in mind.

You can enjoy your trip with no fear of fire outbreak or theft with adequate planning. Staying safe on the road is being alert and conscious of your surroundings. Check the right shelter and site, be conscious of your campground safety, be aware of your allergies, keep with you pepper spray and fire extinguisher, endeavor to stay hydrated, watch out for wildlife, have fun and remain alert.

How cheap is traveling?

There is no doubt that camping is cheaper than renting a home, but it depends on your personality and lifestyle. Nobody can say how much camping costs, and this is because of how different travelers spend their days out on the road. Camping is different for everyone, so is the price. While some campers prefer to invest and live luxuriously while exploring the world’s cities, others would rather spend little bucks to survive on the road. As a camper, your bank account determines how much fun you have. However, even with the little that you’ve got, you can enjoy a minimalist life and appreciate the simple things. In all, endeavor to work with your budget, and don’t go into debt by living beyond your means.

Travel breakdown guide?

Camping is the ultimate means to explore and adventure. At some point, while traveling, something is going to go wrong or even horribly wrong but don’t be scared. So, when it does, you’re going to need a backup plan to prepare at all times in case of emergencies.

Breakdown issues could be mechanical or health-related. Breaking down in the middle of nowhere with no help around can be a very scary situation, especially when it’s cold, and the nights are as long as they get. Mechanical breakdowns are often as a result of overlooked maintenance or something that should have been noticed before getting on the driveway.

More so, emergency kits are a must to have in your car, especially in cold weather. Put together an emergency kit to keep in your car at all times. It should contain a flashlight, some basic tools, a reusable water bottle that you fill before leaving, a first-aid kit, an empty fuel can, two reflective warning signs, a road atlas, and a blanket. In cold weather, be sure to have a winter emergency kit and never leave without some spare clothes (socks, mittens, warm sweater, tuque, etc.), especially if you’re not traveling alone. Also, pay attention to the preventive maintenance schedule.

Tips for overnight travel?

To enjoy the night while camping means that you have adhered to ninety percent of everything you’ve read up until this point. Overnight travel means you find a place to camp, stay organized, get good lighting, or even splurge for a good hotel if need be, though mostly optional. Don’t stay up late watching a movie or cooking in your nightspot. The nightspot is for one thing and one thing only, sleeping.


Reading all of these means that you are on the way to having a lovely and interesting trip with your family and friends. With these camping tips and few of the frequently asked questions, you can work magic into nearly every aspect of camping, and make your next camping trip memories wonderful and void of regrets. Ensure to have maximum fun and leave nothing behind. Good luck!