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By Lifestyle Team | 18 July 2021

6 Snacks for the Energy Boost You Need

energy boost Photo by Helmi Lutvyandi from Pexels

Struggling to feel lively in the morning? Falling asleep while staring at your computer screen at 3 p.m.? Without a doubt, your body is asking for an easy-breezy energy fix.

When you are in need of a quick boost to get you through the day, reach for one of the six following hand-picked snacks. Healthy and effortless, these options are sure to turn you back into the go-getter that you are.

1. Banana, the Pick-Me-Up Fruit

Eating a banana is a great choice if you are not super hungry but in dire need of energy. This fruit is nutritious on many levels, in addition to contributing to your digestive health.

A wholesome source of carbohydrates, bananas are often suggested as an effective snack before hitting the gym. Despite their bad reputation, carbs play an important role in creating and distributing energy in the body. Rely on them!

One thing is for sure, if athletes eat bananas, you probably should too. The potassium and vitamin B6 present in this food are essential tools for a cheerful afternoon.

2. Dip Those Whole-Grain Crackers in Hummus

Looking for a more complete snack? Besides being high in carbohydrates and fibres, hummus and crackers offer you an excellent source of proteins. This rich snack will satisfy your hunger without making you sleepy.

Chickpeas, the main ingredient in hummus, and whole-grain crackers contain complex carbohydrates. When you pick such a snack, you choose steady energy over a short-lived high.

To feel revitalized, your body also needs healthy fats. With hummus, you get the benefits of tahini, i.e. sesame seed paste, and oil. Experiment with the type of crackers and hummus you buy and you will most likely have an uplifting day!

3. Dark Chocolate Will Save the Day

Chocolate from the vending machine might not be ideal to boost your energy levels, but dark chocolate totally has that potential. Quality chocolate in which cocoa solids and cocoa butter are the main ingredients will in fact benefit you when you lack vitality.

What you need to remember is that the higher the percentage of cocoa, the more caffeine you will absorb. Not only is it delicious, but a small piece of chocolate will invigorate you when you feel completely drained.

Next time you are unsure what to reach for, grab that dark chocolate and savour it! Thanks to its antioxidants, your fatigue will soon fade away!

4. Sip on a Delicious, Nutritious Smoothie

For an energy boost like no other, look no further. A smoothie packed with pick-me-up ingredients is the answer. With their dozens of flavour combinations and possible add-ins, smoothies are snack rock stars.

A mix of oat milk, banana, berries, nut or seed butter and superfoods such as spirulina powder can take you far from sleepy town. A smoothie allows you to carefully select each ingredient for its energy-boosting properties.

Search for complex carbs, good fats, antioxidants, potassium and plant-based proteins. Drink up, energy is on its way!

5. A Filling Trail Mix for People on the Go

Are you the super active type, someone that never stops, even to eat? Relying on a premium trail mix could make a huge difference in your day. The biggest advantages of such a snack are its simplicity and versatility.

When shopping for your mix, always examine the ingredients’ list. Naturally sweetened dried fruits are better than refined sugars, for example. For a healthy version of this snack, you will want to look at the sodium content as well.

Nuts and seeds, such as cashews, almonds and pumpkin seeds, provide your body with enough proteins and fats to fuel you up until 5 p.m.

6. Spread that Peanut Butter on Everything

That piece of whole-grain bread? Spread peanut butter on it. That banana? That apple? Spread peanut butter on them. This legume-based snack is an efficient energy-boosting food easy to turn to on any occasion.

Many nutrients present in natural peanut butter benefit a person with low energy. That’s right! You can rely on its protein, fat, antioxidant and potassium contents to get you through the afternoon.

While you should not eat an entire jar in one seating, you can combine this creamy spread with another stimulating ingredient. That way, you will double the punch of this winning snack.