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By Education Team | 20 May 2022

6 Best Paid & Free English Classes Online (Cursos para hispanohablantes también)

Online English classes are the most convenient option for adults who want to learn English. There are plenty of online classes available, but which ones will suit your needs and budget?

Look below and find the right option for you or for someone you know who could use some extra help learning English.

¿Hablas español? Vea las opciones de cursos de inglés online a continuación.


6 best paid and free english classes / Wokandapix

1. Free English Classes
2. Free With Paid Options
3. Paid Classes


Best Free Online English Classes

USA Learns

USA Learns

USA Learns, originally funded by the US Department of Education, offers a huge collection of videos lessons and activities all for free. Their program consists of 3 English courses online teaching beginning and intermediate English. Of course, if you need attention and extra help when learning, this option may not be the best. Though the site offers technical support if something is not working, they do not offer much in terms of individual, academic support.

MOOEC (Massive Open Online English Course)

MOOEC offers online English classes for free, with classes organized primarily by theme. Many of the classes were developed by other universities. The Elementary English Course offers 18 hours of content. If you want to go beyond the elementary course, there are also online courses with themes like asking for a job, managing time, writing an academic essay and more. Again, because the courses offered here are completely free, the online courses have limitations and you will not get much in terms of individual attention. They are, however, a convenient and free resource for English learners.

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Best Online English Classes with Free & Paid Options

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Alison is yet another online course learning center with courses on English grammar and writing. Alison is also a host of online English literature classes and many other professional level classes that are meant to make class-takers more attractive to potential employers. Because the material is free, before every new listen, there is an advertisement users must see for a specified amount of time. To get around this, users can become a member of the paid tier, which costs $50/year for an ad-free experience on the lessons. Alison’s lessons are not as comprehensive as some of its competitors, but the variety of additional courses and professional development on the site make it an interesting option for all users. One thing to note, however, is that although Alison offers classes that are called “Diploma” course, these courses are NOT accredited, and will likely not be recognized by academic institutions. Users must also pay to get the official certification.

ABA (American & British Academy) English

ABA has two tiers – a free tier and a paid tier. Both the free and paid tiers include video classes, a level test to determine what your learning pace should be, a progress tool, and an interactive grammar tool. Only the premium tier includes teacher consultation, a certificate, and all video classes. ABA also has multi-device capabilities (learning via tablet or mobile). For students looking for value and attention, ABA is top-notch, and the progress tracker helps keep students motivated.

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Best Paid Online English Classes

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Open English

Open English offers live online classes with teachers available much like a real classroom. Students can ask live questions and interact with other students. Classes are available 24/7 and class sizes are smaller to improve teacher-student interaction. Because of these features, Open English comes at a price. The site does not post its prices publically on the site, but reviews have reported pricing as high as $1000 for a one-year subscription. Students who are ready to invest the time, energy, and money into learning the language and who want individual attention can consider this as a solid option.


FluentU, in addition to online English learning content, also offers Chinese, Spanish, French, German Italian, Korean, Russian and Japanese. FluentU offers a trial period of 15 days with no commitment. Afterwards, you can choose whether you want to be under the basic tier or the plus tier. The basic tier is $10/month (when a year plan is chosen, otherwise it is $15/month). The basic tier includes iPhone and iPad app accessibility, unlimited word lookup, and unlimited videos and audio with subtitles. The plus tier is $20/month (when a year plan is chosen, otherwise it is $30/month). The Plus tier includes everything in the basic tier in addition to unlimited flashcards, quizzes, word review, and the ability to create your own flashcards. Compared with other paid options, FluentU is a bargain, but it does not include much in terms of speaking practice.

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