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By Recreation Team | 03 Feb. 2018

5 Most Popular Cruise Destinations

best caribbean cruises

Those who would like to get a taste of several different locations and cultures during a very short period of time would do well to look into cruises. These vacation options take travelers from one point to another efficiently while providing outstanding meals and accommodations at an affordable price. Cruises are available in many of the leading vacation destinations around the world.

1. Mediterranean Cruises

Those who would like to get a view of a few Old World cities while soaking up some sun should check out some of the leading Mediterranean cruises that are available. Ships that offer Mediterranean cruises visit impressive ports in historic cities like Istanbul, Barcelona and Athens. Norwegian and Viking are among the leading European cruise lines, but stops in the Middle East and North Africa are also possibilities along the Mediterranean coast. Click here for suggestions on the best Mediterranean cruises routes!

2. Hawaii Cruises

One of the top travel aspirations that is near the top of the bucket lists of many Americans is Hawaii. While most people imagine flying into Honolulu or another major Hawaiian airport and then spending a few days lounging on the same beach, it’s possible to see more of the 50th state by looking into Hawaii cruises. Some of the leading ports of call for cruise lines in Hawaii are Honolulu, Kona and Lahaina. Visitors to the islands can utilize ships from lines like Carnival and Norwegian, and cruises can reach up to two weeks in length.

3. Mexico Cruises

Those who can get to East Coast and West Coast ports can easily hop on a ship and set sail for the United States’ neighbor to the south, Mexico. Just about every major cruise line that sails out of mainland US ports heads toward Mexico at one point or another. These lines include Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian. Mexico cruises to the Pacific Coast head to ports like Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta, while those on the East Coast will frequently head to the port of Cozumel as a part of Western Caribbean and Mexico cruises.

4. Northern Europe Cruises

Those who would like to experience something a little out of the ordinary could opt for one of the many Northern Europe cruises that are available. These cruises on popular lines like MSC and Viking Ocean Cruises visit ports like Copenhagen in Denmark and St. Petersburg in Russia. Other ports of call include places like Iceland, the Baltic States, Hamburg, Germany and Norway, and some will offer the ability to see the Northern Lights. Cruises start at two nights in length and can reach up to two weeks or longer, depending upon the particular itinerary that’s offered.

5. Caribbean Cruises

One of the more popular destinations for Americans who are looking to get away is the Caribbean. Many cruise lines like Norwegian, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean offer Caribbean cruises that visit a wide range of nations throughout the region. Americans will frequently depart from ports like Miami, Galveston and San Juan, Puerto Rico to visit tropical island locales like Aruba, the Bahamas and St. Maarten. In addition to island stops, there are also ports along the Mexican and Central American coast that can provide a great cultural experience.

Taking a cruise can be a relaxing experience. It can also provide for immersion into different cuisines and ways of life. Researching the options that are available can allow travelers to find an option that works for them.