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By Education Team | 26 Jan. 2018

5 Benefits of Taking Classes Online

benefits of online classes

Online education enjoys tremendous popularity in the United States. Older adults are returning to school online in vast numbers to complete their old degree programs. Younger students are also opting for online classes because there are some significant advantages. Here are five benefits of taking classes online that students might want to consider before enrolling on a traditional campus.

Lower Costs for Online Classes

College is expensive. There is no way around the reality of rising college costs in both traditional and online programs. However, online classes can be the more affordable of the two. The reason for this is usually economic. Online college courses cost less to offer and operate.

It is possible to find classes online for as little as $100-$400 per credit hour. That is a big savings over the cost of a course in a physical classroom. Students can also qualify for the same student aid programs and grants that are offered on campus.

Greater Variety of Online Courses

Those who only live close to a community college or junior college campus might discover that the degree programs and courses available to them are limited. This is especially true when it comes to degree programs in the fine arts.

There is no such difficulty with online education. Students can pursue a number of degrees online in almost any discipline. From creative writing to anthropology, online fields of study are as diverse as the students who pursue them.

More Convenience and Flexibility

Many schools online permit students to attend classes at their own pace. Others offer a platform that can be accessed 24/7 for viewing lectures and completing assignments. This is in stark contrast to campus courses where students must be present at certain days and times.

A large number of online students are working adults. Some of these students are also raising children by themselves. Convenience and flexibility is very important to these students. Many of them would not be able to attend traditional classes due to work schedules and other obligations.

Less Social Interaction

Some students find the social setting of a physical campus to be overwhelming. They feel socially awkward and have a hard time fitting in. Older students can also be intimidated by the prospect of being the oldest person in their class. Shyness and anxiety are serious issues that can prevent individuals from taking classes.

Schools online offer the security of one’s own personal environment. The amount of social interaction with fellow classmates is something the student can directly control. There is no forced mingling, and some students do their best work when social interaction is limited or removed.

No Dorms or Commuting when Taking Classes Online

There are travel expenses to consider when attending a physical campus. If the student lives off campus a commute is required. This requires fuel, car maintenance, and expensive parking passes. The student living on campus in a dorm is not much better off. They still have bus fares and other costs to consider.

It can be advantageous to take classes online from home without the need to commute. It also affords the student more free time to enjoy. A room in the student’s home dedicated to studies will likely be much quieter than a dorm room and the food will be less expensive when the student prepares it themselves.